Shared Parental Leave

'For many employers, Shared Parental Leave will be a key part of their flexibility offering, helping to promote a diverse workforce and encouraging women into senior positions.' Simon Kerr-Davis, senior employment lawyer at Linklaters For parents of babies due from next Saturday onwards, both mother and father will potentially become eligible for SPL.  Despite this being a huge shift for fathers, as Kerr-Davis points out the impact on women and their careers, is just as potent.

Men don't have that natural, child-bearing career break. Obviously, not all women do either. The majority though, will, in some form or other take some kind of career break after having children. Even if its only a matter of months, for the new mother, this career pause can become an obstacle to her career development; a point of difference to her male contemporaries. Even, possibly, a reason to not promote.

Shared Parental Leave is something to celebrate. It will be wonderful to see fathers looking harried as they push screaming children to singing classes in the rain. Just as it will be to know that more women will be progressing into more senior positions in the workplace.

If we can share the childcare, then we can share the success too.