STYLE: Amal sets the new standard

AmalAmal Clooney is serious about her career. She splits her time between her work as a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, with political activism and writing. Her clients include Julian Assange, and the former prime minster of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko. She also has a fabulous wardrobe. This might seem like a trivial point when you consider the nature of her job; for a start, Mrs Clooney is an advisor to the United Nations, working to reduce sexual violence against children in conflict zones. In October 2014, Clooney became involved in the repatriation of The Elgin Marbles, ancient Greek sculptures, for the Greek government and in January she began work on the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. She is an accomplished and fascinating lawyer whose work is as humbling as it is diverse.

If you do not expect a humanitarian lawyer to wear Oscar de la Renta then that says more about your received expectations than anything Mrs Clooney is doing, Mixing high-end style with a high-end career should not a surprise. Sadly, working women often feel that these two elements - professional reputation and style - cannot go hand in hand. Amal, in her Dolce skirt suits, Gucci blouses and array of Tods handbags, definitively proves otherwise.

Thank you Amal. Thank you for brightening up the pages of our newspapers. Thank you for sticking to your professional and aesthetic guns. And thank you for not accepting freebies. You are an inspiration; not least in the husband-finding department.