Wednesday Workout #1: Find your Flow


Welcome to the Wednesday Workouts. We know you already have plenty to fit into that day: job to do, friendships to maintain, relationship to nurture and that's before we even get started on your style. But we also know you still want to get ahead at work. That's why our Workouts are bite-sized. Coming at you every Wednesday and designed to fit around your already jam-packed schedule, each Workout will help you hone an aspect of your career. Do the workouts, put our tips into practice and watch your work star soar. Stating your Success. We all want to be successful. But what does that mean? Particularly for us women, success is complicated. It's not just about getting the top job or the top salary (although we usually want that too), it is also about authenticity, balance and timing. Our inaugural workout is part of a series on success. Sign up, receive and complete all 5 workouts in the series and you'll end up with a personal mission statement - a sort of map or plan for your career future. Crucial for us women, who tend to be more fly by the seat of our tailored cigarette pants than our all-planned-out male counterparts. And research shows that having a plan pays off when it comes to career success.

Defining your Values. The first step to making a mission statement for our careers is defining our values. A value isn't an ethic or moral. A value is what we "value", what gives us purpose and makes us tick. For women in particular, we need to align with our values to feel fulfilled. When we are operating within our values, we feel at ease, true to ourselves. This is often called being in flow.

Work it out. Now it's time to find your flow. Think of a day when your life couldn't have been any better. It might have been at work or play, with friends or family, but it will have felt incredible. exhilarating, fulfilling, perfect. Perhaps the best day of your life. Spend 2 or 3 minutes writing down a detailed description of this time. What were you doing? How did you feel? Now spend the next few minutes re-reading your account. What values can you find in there? Was it being with family? Helping another? Creating something? Even making money? There are no judgment calls, it's about your flow, not anyone else's. Pick out the top 5 values you find in here. Then rinse and repeat times 3. The 15 values you've identified will doubtless overlap. Get rid of the surplus, amalgamate the overlaps and you should be left with 5 key values to work (and live) by. 5 key things you need to have in your work to make every day flow.

That's it. Step 1 of your career plan complete and one step closer to Stepping Up to success.