Shhh: The secret to a bigger pay packet


Feel like your salary needs a boost? Forget painful negotiations with your boss, new research shows that upping the ante in the bedroom is the secret to getting a pay rise. The Greek study clearly found that those who have sex two, or even three, times a week earn 4.5 percent more than their less amorous counterparts. This should come as no surprise. Whilst it's great to have an excuse to dive under the duvet (as if we needed one!), psychologists have long known that being fulfilled at home means we are far more likely to succeed at work. Whether it's an afterwork G&T with friends, quick lunchtime yoga session or that evening course on modern art you've always wanted to take, spending time nurturing ourselves is of clear benefit in our route to the top.

So choose to spend some extra time today in the park, the gym, the pub or, of course, the bedroom. Safe in the knowledge that by kicking back, you're actually kickstarting your career.