Power Chat: Chloe Saklow

chloesaklowIn our newest series Power Chat, we catch five minutes with one of our marvellous club members. Today, we'd like to introduce Chloe Saklow, Senior Strategic Planner, Johnston Press. Chloe recently moved from television into newspaper publishing; she is a mother of two young children and has a weakness for vegetarian Indian curries.

STEPS TO THE TOP: 4  Researcher, JWT - Junior Planner, JWT - Planner, Euro RSCG Senior Planner, Drama Strategy and Development, BBC Worldwide

Role models: do you have one?  I have a few. My mum for her unbelievable perseverance and refusal to take 'no' for an answer. My current boss for her sense of humour and ability to juggle her mum self and professional self. My previous boss for her humility. I've been very lucky to work with some inspirational yet very human women.

New job's are stressful. Are you able to switch off yet?  It's hard to as the job is so challenging. I'm facing a double whammy, because as well as the fact that I'm new to Johnston Press, so is the very concept of Planning - namely embedding audience insight and strategy into the heart of the business.  Expectations are high but time is scarce, so the pressure is very much on, which is exciting but makes it hard to switch off or press 'pause'.

What is on your desk today? Two phones, headphones for when I need to concentrate, a Clinique chubby stick, water, some kind of snack, a myriad of papers and pens, unprocessed expenses, my children's birthday party thank you cards that need posting.

It’s too early on a Monday morning; what are your default work clothes? From the bottom up, Grenson loafers, black tights, a short layered animal print Ghost skirt, a snug cashmere jumper and a black leather jacket.

Sexual discrimination: does it exist in your industry? I haven't experienced it (yet) but my sense is that the world of newspapers is even more of a boys' club than the world of advertising! @chloesaklow