Here at Step Up we like things to look good. We're interested in cool design and the role it plays in today's working world. So here's our newest column: Wear It Well. We'll find the brand, we'll do the style dissection, we'll even present the prices and a handy link. All you need to do is make room in your wardrobe. FINERY FINAL This week we're channelling Finery. A new kid on the high-street block, Finery works a quiet magic on simple designs. The black t-shirt has just enough slouch and the skirt whispers of something retro, without being pastiche or laughable. The shoes, well, they're probably the best you're gonna find in the shops right now. Beautifully crafted (tick) and with their origins in menswear (tick) they'll roll on for seasons to come, and do no damage to your achilles heel. Ladywell Boyfriend T-shirt, £22 Barrett Full Pleat Detail skirt, £39 Inglewood LeatherShoes with Spat, £109  All available at Finery #GreatWorkLooksDissected