Wednesday Workout #3: Love What You Do


So you've defined what's meaningful and understood your past successes, but what do you truly enjoy? We might believe we're both doing good and doing something we're good at, but if we're not having fun it's all in vain. This exercise requires some thought. So find a quiet corner, quick off your shoes and grab a drink. Now reflect on your life from childhood to the present day. When have you loved what you were doing? When has work felt like play? Take examples from throughout your life - school, volunteering, whatever has floated your career boat. Struggling? Look around you - photos, mementos - all of these can help jog your memory. Now get ready to remember.

  1. Pick six of your favourite memories. Now dig deep. How did it happen? What did you actually do? And, crucially, which part of that experience did you enjoy?
  2. Pick up your pen. Commit half of these to paper. Ideally, they'll come from different parts of your life. What got you involved? What was your role? What did you love?
  3. Read what you've written. How do you feel? What makes you wish you had a time machine to go experience those moments all over again?
  4. Reflect. This mental archeological dig should have reminded you what feels good. Look for themes that unite the stories you've told. Now take those themes and apply them to today. Because if you've loved it before, chances are if you recreate it in your work, you can love that too.