Power Chat: Ele Harris

Ele picToday in Power Chat we're catching up with Ele Harris, Senior Global Brand Development Manager at Unilever. Two years ago Ele moved to Unilever from L'Oreal to continue her track record of developing and marketing the best in cosmetics and haircare around the world. When she's not designing ad shoots in glamorous locations, Ele has a penchant for art-house films, European literature and a flat white.  STEPS TO THE TOP: Brand manager - L'Oreal, Senior brand manager - L'Oreal, Group brand manager - L'Oreal

Role models: do you have one? I value the leaders (men or women) who are ambitious and love what they do, but manage to stay grounded and balanced. I believe we work much more effectively when we’re happy in all parts of our lives.

What's it like being a woman in your industry? In some senses it's easier than being a man. I create products that are mainly used by women so we have a natural interest in what the product can deliver and can rely on instinct. That said, it's a fast-paced and demanding industry. This can be hard for women once they start to have children and there are fewer women in senior positions.

Climbing the ladder's tricky. What’s your top tip for getting ahead at work? Be famous for something. Once you’ve established a solid grounding in your field you can strengthen your profile by nurturing your strengths and becoming known as an expert in a particular area.

What’s on your desk today? Lots of hair products, TV scripts for the shoot we’re doing next week and an ever increasing list of things I need to do for my upcoming wedding!

Your alarm didn't go off. What's your goto work outfit? Skinny jeans and a tailored jacket or a shirt dress.