You're Worth It: The Top 5 Ways to Get a Pay Rise.


The Cannes Film Festival has just opened. And we're celebrating with some news fresh in from Hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence has socked it to all those who short changed her on American Hustle to secure a $20m fee for her new film, Passengers. Better yet, she's being paid double the rate of her male co-star. So how can we do a JLaw and get paid more than the men? Mandatory pay audits are now in place in larger companies to make sure we know whether pay is equal (thanks Grazia!). But the gender pay gap still stands at just under 10%. Here are Step Up's top 5 tips for getting paid what you're worth.

1. Be bold. It starts in the playground. Women are less confident than men about talking themselves up. But if you don't publicise what you're doing, your bosses won't know why you're worth a pay rise in the first place.

2. Prove yourself. To talk yourself up, you need something worth talking about. Here, numbers are King. Instead of: "I'm a great team player", try quantifying how much your involvement in a specific project contributed to its bottom line.

3. Negotiate. For most of us, this is a tough ask. Either we haven't found the courage in the first place. Or we jump right in and risk backlash - the negative reaction women often suffer when displaying so-called "masculine" traits. Here's where the numbers come in. Basing your conversations on the concrete depersonalises the request, making your boss more likely to say yes.

4. Make yourself indispensable. We all have a USP. What's yours? Make sure you identify why your team can't live without you and (subtly!) remind them of it regularly. Not only should they realise the value in paying you to stay but you'll have serious ammunition if they don't. 

5.Know your worth. It's no use negotiating if you don't know what you're aiming for. All the stats tell us we're being paid less than the guys, but how much? And are they being paid fairly anyway? It pays to be on top of the figures in your industry - websites like, industry surveys and, best of all, a little wine-fuelled chit chat in the pub on a Friday night should tell you what you need to know.

Armed with the figures, emboldened and safe in the knowledge they need you, now get ready to reap your just rewards.

Image Credit: Allstar/Lionsgate.