Wednesday Workout: Define Your Goals

In the last few weeks, we've dwelt on the past. Its important, but here at Step Up we're all about the possibilities. Part 4 in our series on creating your mission statement looks towards the future.

Goal setting is a big task. It's about taking our wildest dreams and turning them into something we can actually aim for. For our statement, we want to think long term. Follow these steps to get focussed.

  • Set a Time Frame. More on step-by-step goal setting another day. Today we're thinking big picture and looking at those long-term goals. Say 5 or 10 years. Far enough away to dream, not so far you can't imagine where you'll be.
  • Define Where You Want to Be. Given what you now know about your values, motivations and success, where do you want to be within that time frame? Financially? Personally? And, of course, in terms of your career?
  • Work out the Steps. We're not talking every move you need to make. But if it's clear you need to get a new qualification, gear up for a job move or even ditch a toxic relationship, write it down.
  • Get Smart.  We're not fans of management speak but here the acronym just works. Make sure anything you put down on paper is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-focussed. "Be a top chef" is a great dream. But "to be head chef in my own restaurant by 2020" is a more powerful goal. It doesn't mean you won't have to work just as hard, but research shows following SMART goals means you're far more likely to get where you want to be.

Now the end is in sight. Next week it's time to write the darn thing. Then the journey can really begin.