Rosie Rankin, launched her premium footwear label, Rose Rankin, this year following a decade in media and tech. The brand is characterised by understated design and subtle detailing, combined with a love of colour. The sneakers reflect Rosie's love of vintage, colour (as a child she used to paint her trainers) and, of course, running.

STEPS TO THtrainer1E TOP: Press Assistant/Runner - Alexander McQueen, Post production Co-ordinator - Columbia Tri-Star, Media Planner - Starcom Worldwide, Media Planner -Mindshare Worldwide, Senior Industry Analyst - Google UK, Founder & Creative Director - Rose Rankin.

Launching on your own isn't easy. How did you make the decision? I had been working across various creative industries since leaving university. During that time I took evening courses relating to fashion. At the time I didn't know if they would lead to anything, I just enjoyed it. A Footwear design course I did also coincided with the birth of my second daughter and it was at this point that I decided to turn a passion into a business. At the same time I was observing the rise of luxury sportswear in fashion and I wanted to create luxurious but everyday sneakers, with simple shapes but playful fabrics. I took a short course in the business of fashion at Portobello Business Centre and then set about the task of finding a factory and convincing them that my paper drawings were worth bringing to life!

Sounds busy! What’s a typical work day? I launched only last week so until then my days were spent preparing for launch - back and forth to the factory, building my website, working on branding, photography, masses of research and self teaching. Since launch it has been manic and I've had a great response from people which has been really wonderful. On a good day I go for a run around 7am and then take my children to school. I get to my desk at 9 and from there I could be doing anything from liaising with the factory/agents about further production, focusing on my social pages, packaging and shipping orders, doing company accounts, looking for software to make my life easier, liaising with the web development company, responding to feedback from customers and meeting new people in the fashion industry to promote and grow my business.

We all need a little inspiration. Who have been your mentors? When I worked at Google I met Julie Deane who set up the Cambridge Satchel Company from her kitchen table. I worked with her on one of my last projects at Google and she really inspired me to go for it. I also met a great Mentor at Portobello Business Centre - David Jones. He has mentored many fashion businesses over the years and is brilliant and helping you bring an idea to life step by step.

Let's look forward. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? I would love to be managing a fun and enthusiastic team who love shoe design and this brand as much as I do. We will be working with some really fabulous stores and pushing the brand abroad.

Your alarm failed you and the kids are late for school. What’s your throw on work outfit? Sneakers, jeans, floaty shirt and an oversized jacket or coat.

Thanks Rosie. If you love Rosie's shoes as much as we do, then check her out on roserankin.com.