Wear It Well: J Crew Summer Updates

J Crew 2

It's seven o'clock in the morning, you have already snoozed a handful of times and now you are late. You open your wardrobe and pull out that trusty black skirt and the cream silk blouse that's seen you through a thousand other work days. You kind of look like a waitress, but it doesn't matter because you also look smart. And smart is key, right?

Yes, smart is key. But smart work clothes do not need to be devoid of colour and personality. That uniform that you've been digging for too long now doesn't make you feel especially good about yourself - and perhaps, it doesn't fit either. We aren't judging, we're just saying that what you wear to work matters, because it impacts on how you view yourself, and how others respond back. However depressing it sounds, there's a smidgen of superficiality in all of us, so take pride in how you look because it'll impact on how you feel.

Here, at Step Up, we like to think of ourselves as your work keepers. We'll help you facilitate that bonus and we'll also provide style advice to keep your working wardrobe fresh and your self-esteem perky.

Look at this glorious concoction by J Crew, above. It is totally office suitable, and yet, gasp, there's a bright green shirt! And, heck, is that a wrap skirt?! Yes, readers, it is. Don't fret, you won't be exposing too much flesh, the hem rests neatly below the knee.

And hang on a second, does she have her toes out? Now, we know that some of you work in very serious corporate offices and that perhaps, toes are not an acceptable accessory on a Monday morning. We get that. So if work is a toe-free environment, replace the sandal with a nude pump. Otherwise, consider a pair like these. They kind of remind us of when Kate Moss was dating Johnny Depp: they are cool in a understated Nineties sort of way. And that ankle strap is narrow but it is rocking; these sandals are very much a less is more situation.

The items start at a not too eye-watering £79 for the shirt. The Kate Moss shoes are a little more, but it's worth noting that they'll also see you through a karaoke night or dinner with the other half. Shop the look now.