Wednesday Workout: Plan It Out

woman-writing-pfOver the past month we've reflected on the past and learnt what makes you tick. We've identified your values and set goals for the future. All this to create your career mission statement. Now it's time to write the darned thing. 1. Research tells us that forward planning is essential to career success. The mission statement is a sort of career road map helping us create focus and stay on the straight and narrow on our way to the top. First step on the journey: take 5 minutes to reread the exercises you've completed over the last few weeks. Reflect on their content and what they tell you about yourself.

2. So now you've got the why (values) and where (flow and goals), all that's missing is the how. Mission statement says you want to be a social entrepreneur running your own ethical food business by the time you hit forty? Great. Now mark out three interim steps to get you there. It might be getting experience in an established food brand or taking a course in financing start-ups. Whatever you think you need to do to get you where you want to go.

3. Now it's time to put pen to paper. The goals you've set are the core of the plan. Starting with them, write a sentence about where you're going. A sentence about why you're doing it. And another charting out the interim steps.

4. Put it up somewhere you can see it. Whether that's by your desk or on your screensaver, we know reinforcing a plan is key to turning something from a dream into reality.

But remember: planning doesn't mean things are set in stone. Your statement should feel empowering not inhibiting. We all know even the best laid plans can evolve. Now with that caveat in mind, get out there. Follow your plan and get started on achieving your success.