There are so many ways that women are still unequal in sport. West Ham United has now taken full control of its women's football team, after the previous management made the headlines this week, for its treatment of the player - no pitch to practise on (they played on a bit of scrub land on the other side of a busy road), no physio... it horrific sexism, and heads have rolled. Karren Brady says, 'Today marks the next step in the future of West Ham women's football.' 

On another modern, forward-thinking note, Getty Images has teamed up the charity Women's Sport Trust, to increase the visibility of women in sport and change the way that sportswomen are represented. And if that wasn't enough, the partnership happily coincides with the launch of Getty's Best of Women's Sports' gallery - a series of beautiful photographs, including this brilliant one above, that its founders have made available for free, to schools, universities and not-for-profit organisations. 

Not really much more to say, other than well done Getty. And how can we get one for our Step Up office wall?!