The Best Way To Fuel Your Career and Life? Fruit.

Also at Goodroots, Alice interviewed Brit Model, Rosemary Ferguson who found fame during those Kate Moss waif years (Kate and Rosemary are still best friends) and is now a nutritionist with a practice on London’s Harley Street. Ferguson is also the author of a hugely successful juicing book, Juice. She drew a crammed crowd for her talk on using nutrition as a way of achieving balance.


Here are her top three pieces of advice.


1.     Don’t obsess about your diet. Life and work are stressful enough, without putting extra pressure on yourself to only eat clean and green. Rosemary approaches nutrition with a level head, ‘I’m truly passionate about healthy eating, but I’m not evangelical.’ She uses juices and healthy eating as a fuel to enhance how she body works. And she recommends this approach to all of her patients. In her book, she even has a hangover juice (we love her so much), filled with spinach to help break down the ethanol. The point is, life is about having fun, and good eating should support that. And in Rosemary’s opinion, a balanced life is the ultimate foundation of on-going career success.


2.     If you are at a career crossroads, take inspiration from your family. Rosemary decided to retrain as a naturopath and nutritionist after taking stock and looking at her mother and grandmother. Both had been passionate and active in these areas, and she realised that health resonated with her too. Sometimes, career advice and inspiration is right before your eyes. Speak to the women closest to you if you’re at a loss about what to do next.


3.     Stress is the number one complaint at Rosemary’s Harley Street clinic. ‘I do see a lot of fatigue and stress-related conditions, which can be signs of so many different problems. I always start with the gut and once this is working well then we can fine tune with any deficiencies, or hormonal imbalances or whatever else needs addressing.’ Stress, and tiredness, two by-products of busy modern working lives, can’t be cured with healthy eating, but Rosemary firmly believes that you can improve how your body functions – and in turn, how your mind feels, by improving your digestion. Her two top tips: add turmeric to juices and food, and beefing up the amount of beetroot in your diet and your gut should end up a happier, more efficient place. And that’s healthier,  your mind (read: stress levels) should follow.