There's something about the sound of a gently bubbling stock and those warming aromas that fill the house, which makes you feel like a queen every time you make soup. We're a little bit hooked on the experience and so we thought we'd do a little soup story for you foodie enjoyment. 

Our lovely friend and Step-Up mentor Melissa Hemsley has a modern take on soup: her thinking is that it isn't just packed with a nutritional punch, but because of the making process, soup is also an incredibly therapeutic de-stressor. Plus, usually soup only involves one pot and that means less washing up! Hurrah! Plus, plus you can freeze it into small batches so that you'll always have a tasty lunch ready for when you have nothing else in the fridge. Soup = win win win win. 

As it's spring the first on our list is a classic Gazpacho, possibly the easiest lunch in the world! Although this recipe uses a food processor, a hand blender will do the trick- just don't wear a white shirt! #HACK- Delia uses fresh tomatoes- Phanella used plum tinned and it was delish! Sorry Delia!  

Inspired by a  favourite from Alice's local café! This Italian style courgette and parmesan soup makes an amazing meal in itself or partner with some German rye bread- we're obsessed. Toast the hell out of it and you can't go wrong!  

Creamy coconut, soothing sweet potato, comforting cumin and protein laden lentils. Need we say more! This soup has it all.