Denim: it can be a controversial word in work style circles. Having said that, Alice couldn't exist without her jeans drawer, which she delves into on a pretty much daily basis - whatever work has in store. But Phanella, who sits on the other side of sartorial proceedings, finds it less easy to fit denim into her corporate work wardrobe. It's a pain, because denim is so versatile and hardwearing, and basically never dates either.  

The thing is, denim is more than just jeans - it can have dramatic structure and work as smart skirts or jackets, and is just as able to drape elegantly in its finest Chambray weave too. Denim has many personalities - and because we're all struggling with what to wear in this damp, in-between seasons weather, we thought a little denim edit - one creative, one corporate, as always - might help you tackle your current work look.

City types, don't turn away now, these pieces really will be appropriate - we've even found a pair of J Crew denim shoes that the most corporate offices could not frown upon. Also, don't forget about those pieces that you've had forever and which may be languishing deep inside your cupboard. Denim has longevity - so this isn't just a new shopping list, this is also a gentle reminder to rethink what you already have.