Hands up if you're struggling with what to put on your feet in this muggy, changeable early British summer weather?! Yup, us too.

As if it wasn't bad enough thinking about getting your clothes right - are bare shoulders work-ready? is floaty white ever office appropriate? - then there's the issue of how to transition from  durable winter treads, to something jollier and less sweaty. Black court shoes might seem like the only option, but consider this: if you get them right, shoes could be your quick-step to a better job. 

Yes, that is not an overstatement, because not only can the right shoes allow your feet to breathe and remain swell-free on very hot working days, they can also assist you in stepping out from the crowd. And making yourself known to others is a proven tactic to making career headway. 

So much goes into a personal brand: the work we produce, our style of communication, how and if we network and so on, but one of the easiest ways to starting building that brand, and show your unique personality at work, is through your style. We bet that there are people who you notice on a daily basis because they look a bit different - or have a great way with a shocking pink high heel. 

There's no harm in admitting that how we look matters; humans are a visual species - case in point, Instagram. We notice how others look and regard them accordingly. We aren't saying that you should replace determination, intrigue and sheer hard work with great style, but it's ok to spend some time considering your appearance - and that includes what you put on your feet! 

With all of this in mind, we've done a little late Spring shoe edit. Because especially in corporate offices where a protocol to look sober and smart still dominates, shoes are a great way to have a little style fun. We've found the best five shoes for the corporate world and another that can stomp their way into any creative workspace.


  • A pair of rose pink suede courts can say business, just keep everything else classic and understated. 
  • Heels are not a necessity; look for flats with closed toes and luxurious finishes. 
  • Creatives replaces your trainers with slides - that sandals that just slip on, wide bar across the front.
  • On coolers days, and if you dare (and you're of Alice's sartorial school of thought) pop a pair of sparkly socks under your sandals. 
  • Don't pack your boots away just yet; short booties in pale colours can be a great foil to flimsy summer dresses. 
  • If you're going for wide, culottes stick to flats or very low heels. 
  • Ditto long, swishy dresses. Unless you're heading to a party, then pop your heels on! 
  • Flips flops are probably a causal step too far, even for freelancers, so instead go for a classic leather sandal - Ancient Greek do the best one out there. 
  • A low heeled, closed toe shoe with an ankle strap can basically answer any shoe-related fashion quandary. Our favourite is from Boden, below. 
  • Have fun! If you don't wear great shoes to work, you're missing a trick. Life's for living, right?!