These past few weeks have been frightening and tragic. We are living in uncertain times, and there are so many heart wrenching stories of loss.

Last Sunday we sat separately at home watching the Ariana Grande LOVE MANCHESTER concert, as we're sure so many of you did too. Two weeks ago, neither of us had heard of this bunny ears wearing, American pop sensation - and yet we were both deeply moved by her courage.

To be able to not only pull together such an organisational feat, but to also sing repeatedly about love and loss - in front of not just a world audience, but survivors of her first Manchester concert - was above and beyond the call of duty for a young woman who is clearly still traumatised.

It is impossible at times of such extreme loss and tragedy to fully comprehend what the people at the frontline are dealing with. Unless we have been there, and hopefully none of you have, we cannot understand the searing pain that those families must now have within their hearts. We have been deeply affected by what's happening to our country and, in a sense, our freedoms too.

What was unexpected though was those few hours in front of the television watching Ariana Grande prove something very simple: we all have within ourselves the capacity to dig deeper, act stronger and be brave.

Of course, the circumstances of our daily lives do not in any way replicate or necessitate Grande's courage, but we can learn from her. 

Was it easy for Grande to front the LOVE MANCHESTER concert? Undoubtedly not. And yet, she found an untapped strength inside of herself - a resolve that she perhaps did not even know existed.

And you know what, you have that strength too. Ok we aren't saying you are able to stand up in front of a global audience and sing your heart out (heaven forbid that a global audience would ever hear either of us sing....) but we're absolutely sure that there's more fuel inside of your bravery tank than you give yourself credit for.

So here's a challenge: make it your mission to unearth that hidden courage. Don't let that doubtful voice inside your head tell you that you can't - that you aren't good enough, that someone else would do it better, that you shouldn't put yourself forward for something new, better and more exciting....

We have both been deeply moved by all of the emotional extremes at play right now in our special country, which is why this week's letter is in a sense a dedication to our united loss and courage.

It is hard to know how to help, so if you can do nothing else, at least try to dig deep within yourself. And don't waste time thinking that you're not good enough. We are all uniquely brilliant, so believe your hype and channel a bit of Ariana's strength into your daily work lives.