The founder of interiors brand Elizabeth Scarlett tells us about her greatest achievement so far

Born out of Founder, Elizabeth Elsey's love of colour, soft textiles and print, interiors brand Elizabeth Scarlett is a leading luxury homewares and gifting brand, based in London. We love everything about this beautiful brand - we're especially attached to our printed notebooks - and are thrilled to bring you Elizabeth's approach to business, success and life. If you're as taken as we are, then head over to her website where you can enter code STEPUP15 for an exclusive 15% discount until 28th June. 

To me, success is.... happiness and work-life balance.

Being a working woman today means... tenacity, passion and a lot of hustle. 

The career tip I would give my younger self is... Take risks and don't worry about what other people will say. Have confidence in yourself, your abilities and your talents.  

This book changed my life because..."On Becoming Love, Work, and Life" by Arianna Huffington. It inspired me to have more courage, look to overcome my anxieties, and take a leap into my dream career journey. 

My guiltiest pleasure is... having a very indulgent bath by candlelight, my favourite scent is my Palmier candle. I love to take a long soak, close my eyes and dream of faraway places.

The invite list to my ultimate dinner party includes...Walt Disney, Alicia Keys, Elizabeth Gilbert, Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, Brigitte Bardot, Rothko, Michelle Obama, Robin Williams.

I consider my greatest achievement so far to have been....following my dream and starting Elizabeth Scarlett.  

The most important lesson life has taught me is... be kind, true and trust your instincts.